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Video script for fundraising

I started a draft of a video script, for our fundraising campaign. I think we could do something quick and compelling, like Tesla’s engineering team video. We could do this all from our home facilities, with our equipment behind us, quickly recorded from a phone. (Just make sure the audio sounds good.)

Feedback welcome.


"Hi, I’m Bozhana at Resonator. This is a 500 m2 innovation facility we’re setting up in the center of Sofia, designed for startups to design and build high tech equipment. To help Bulgaria be prepare. We’re setting up a a production line for full filter face masks which can be used to protect hospital workers. They can also be used for patients if needed. [Hold both versions up]

Behind me you can see we’ve just received the first delivery of scuba masks from Decathlon, 115 masks to be built and delivered to Aleksandrovka Hospital."


"I’m Momchil at Medlease. Our company helps hospitals acquire the best equipment possible. I helped by contacting my customer, the CEO of Alexandrovska Hospital to see how we could help, and we got an official request for 115 masks.

[show letter to camera]

This is a great step, because it shows the rest of the country that our initiative is capable.

We have lots of smart engineers who can help in Bulgaria, but the key to responding effectively will be how fast engineers and hospitals can collaborate."


“I’m Enrico, from Tech Team BG. We’ve been working with doctors and nurses in Kyustandil and Dupnitsa, to understand how they will organise themselves, and to learn how to improve these masks for them.”

A few things to show that I’m not sure who did:

Peter/ Michail/ Alex?

We learned that the filters used for these masks in other countries aren’t available in Bulgaria, so we redesigned it to use filters that we can buy easily here.

We created a new kind of valve that allows for these masks to be used by both staff or patients - this is a big step because it means we can more easily distribute masks, and hospitals can be more adaptable to changing situations.

Bozhana or Sal or Nato:

The lockdown measures in Bulgaria have bought us some time to be prepared, but we don’t have time to waste. We’re scaling up our production capacity with the immediate goal of a mask for every hospital worker in the country. We’ve gotten where we are by collaborating together, part of what we call Air Collective.

We’ve been able to pay for everything so far from our pockets, and are proud to make this contribution to society, but to cover the country, we need your help to fund this. Every masks costs 70 leva once, and we will need thousands of masks.

Please help us protect the healthcare workers who are on the front lines, risking their lives to keep us healthy.

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Also, if easier for everybody, we can make a very quick setup at Resonator with a proper camera & you can drop in for 30’? Whoever wants to join us and share his 2 sentences on the spot, let me know, so we arrange a convenient time these days.

I think it make sense to have a proper cam and lighting.
We have also professional mics and enough space to be safe while shooting.

If needed I can try to convince the camera crew we usually use to help us out.

We need to also discuss if we are going to use the help karma professional team for story telling services,

If this were a Kickstarter for a consumer device, I’d agree, but in this case, people will donate to the cause more than the level of polish marketing material – and launching sooner is the most important.

We’re already behind on fundraising and while a video helps, it’s also optional and can be added or improved later. Modern phone cameras shoot really well in daylight, so I’d rather just ask people to quickly film themselves, taking 10 minutes to do it, rather than pull them away from the central task at hand.

Hey Sal, we can still do it like that, but some of the people may feel more comfortable if someone holds the phone there for them :wink:

Let’s actually ask all these participants and they can do it however they feel more confident.

Happy either way. I’m just offering help.
If people can do it well enough with a smartphone, perfect.

I can help with editing the video if nobody else has the knowledge/skill.

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@Enrico @Momchil_MedLease you guys or your team up for this? I need your video tonight to be able to edit it and launch tomorrow.

If not, can you please send and audio message or some written quotes about why you’re doing this project? I can work with that too.


I won’t be able. I wanted to do it today at Resonator, but did not have unopened filters. Momchil has. If it is OK, we can record it tomorrow morning there and send it to you. Can we upload the video AFTER we launch the campaign? We will just add it as we go, so it is not a bottleneck. @salim @Momchil_MedLease, please, let me know if you are up to for this tomorrow morning?

DONE! We need also video material from @Enrico and you @salim if you both have the time to create a 1-2 min video. We can add it to editing even after we launch the crowdfunding campaign. We needed the video quickly, so we filmed it today and @Misa will share the edit among us and then - upload it in You tube.

what should be the content of the video? can I give you still-images instead.

@salim sorry to have been not been very responsive , been caught up with stuff at work. we will not be able to provide video-material, sorry. in stead sending some bullte points about what we believe is also a motivation for theis project, order of appearance has no significance: Helping to help others and paying forward
We are one and we (you) are not alone ; the musketeers motto / U2 song
Filling the gaps and paying respect
Supporting local community
Giving back
Rising up to the challenge
When it’s tough the tough get going
Supporting agile people to make sure they know they are not alone as well
Initiatives matter, they are part of a bigger picture
Prepping for thinks to come
Sharing knowledge and experience
Being a productive member in the local community

will this work?
what is the goal for the fundraiser?


Thanks, and no worries about being busy. We all are!

This was just a quick idea I put together to try and move things forward, but since @Misa and @Bo_RSNTR have started on a video (unbeknownst to me until yesterday) and that team has control over the crowdfunding initiative generally. I’m not sure what the script was, but looking forward to seeing it!

The goal of this crowdfund is to pay for Easybreath masks to cover every hospital in Bulgaria.

Maybe some of these points you made could be useful for the press release. @Nato is working on that. Nato?

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Yes, I’m working on the this and will try to include some of these points. Thanks @Enrico, @salim

So here is the result and our video for fundraising needs:

And we also launched a fundraising campaign:

Please, spread the buzz with us and help us raise more funding so that we reach out ti more hospitals in Bulgaria!