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Update: March 27th - project momentum! Bulgarian financial support and hackathon this weekend


Very happy to share some progress with you from different projects in the DIY Ventilators community:

There are more projects making progress, which we’re tracking in the forum. Just a reminder, even quick forum posts (or any other public thread) allow the DIY Ventalators support team to jump in and help you quickly. And sharing your progress lets us push that to other projects that could benefit.

Please keep us the loop and we will be able to help you move faster!

Bulgarians, upcoming hackathon and funding

#StandingTogether US Embassy and ABF financial support for COVID projects

The US Embassy in Bulgaria and America for Bulgaria Foundation are providing 1,000-5,000 BGN for projects related to COVID-19. You can apply here.

In addition, we’ve started a Funding Opportunities thread on the forum: Funding Opportunities & Needs

HackCrisis hackathon

DIY is joining the HackCrisis 48-hour hackathon, which will take place this weekend - March 27-29. Its goal is to address the COVID19 crisis by creating projects that: save lives, save cmmunities and/or save businesses.

As we all have been working hard for Saving lives, we decided to join the hackathon and join forces. If you wanted to start a project but needed some extra structure, this is the time!

If you can help, especially with medical advisory to the teams, get in touch with them today and they will be happy to include you.

  • Sal & Nato