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Understanding Mechanical Respiration (in 90 minutes)

This is a guide through a few resources that will enable you to understand the functions of ventilation and most of the acronyms you’ve heard, in about 90 minutes. (Bulgarian-speakers : Основни понятия и принципи в неинвазивната вентилация )

Medschool training on mechanical ventilation (1 hour)

Start with this 60 minute series from Medcram. The first 20 minutes alone cover the main acronyms and context, and ARDS is covered by the end. ARDS is particularly important for COVID-19 cases because it’s the complication that occurs in sever cases. The lungs get swollen and hard, so they don’t expand and the little folds don’t open to accept oxygen.

While you watch this, I recommend the Mayo Clinic website for looking up medical terms you don’t know. It has nice plain-language definitions you can read quickly and jump back to the video course.

A quick overview of oxygen delivery equipment

3 minutes to show you the different devices for delivering air to a patient. Useful as some of these are mentioned in the next video. (Here’s a more detailed guide with advantages and disadvantages of each if you’re interested.)

More modes and formulas

After that series, this quick video will build on that to cover different ventilator modes and important formulas that will need to be implemented.

The ARDS Protocol

Now, you’ll be able to understand this ARDS protocol cheatsheet:

Going further

By this point, you should have an overview of the key functions, modes, parameters and typical scenarios for mechanical ventilation.

Depending on your interest, here are some further sources:

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