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Support for accessing CAD files for 3D printed replacement parts in hospitals

An article has circulated about Italians being sued for 3D printing replacement parts. This is an exaggeration, and is reported more calmly here.

The upshot is files are being made and shared, just not openly. Open sharing is an IP violation, but hospitals requesting these files for emergency use is a different story.

The group below is sharing some files to registered users, and is also making themselves available to help source necessary files should a hospital contact them.

Moral of the story: if you are a hospital in need to 3D print replacement parts, you will get them if you make an official request.

3dpbm will help by collecting information and sharing this with the industry. Healthcare professionals, AM comapnies, professionals and makers please register for the forum to share resources.

If you need access to CAD files, contact them on the link here: