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Renaming DIYVentilators

When we started, we chose the name quickly, and knew as we progressed, we’d adapt and change to what’s needed and what works.

As with most programs that support a portfolio of projects, the key to success is to support all until it’s clear where the breakaway successes are, then to focus resources on those.

We’ve now seen a lot of progress on PPE in Bulgaria, and with the upcoming fundraise, the DIY Ventailtors name will be confusing and possibly the DIY part will be alarming.

Also, we have seen after 3 weeks that a few open source ventilator designs have moved much farther ahead than the others – those few are ready for hospital testing, testing for local reproducibility, and national certifications.

Our support network can also be better used by focusing now on teams that try to implement a world-leading design at a national level. The DIY name doesn’t suit those goals either. (We also have a search engine project in the works that can help find quick answers to component sourcing and certification questions.)

So we are proposing a name change to The Breather Collective ( , to better represent the fact that we are a collective of efforts working in cooperation on breathing devices, not an umbrella program for ventilators.

We need to act on this within a day, so just wanted to solicit any feedback, ideas or concerns now.


Generally speaking, I have no issues with the name.
The only comments I have are related to the message we want to send out there.

  1. Would people understand what we mean with breather? I guess you use it as a metaphor in the sense that we all are breathers i.e. breading animals / humans. But the common understanding is that it’s a short pause. So that may be confusing.
  2. Spelling, if we target Bulgaria… there will be all sorts of variations of that word :slight_smile:
  3. What about the protective masks and potentially other projects, which don’t relate as much with breathing?

Apart from that, it’s not too serious, which is why I like it.

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Hi Salim,
agree with all you say. I suggest to drop “the” from the name.
Alternatively and just to pick your brain : “air” to substitute “breather” -> “air collective”
kindest regards


I like it! Here’s a quick logo I made, using the volume/pip graph familiar to doctors. And it’s something more professional and polished to inspire confidence.


wonderful , hats down! love it.

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can we vecorize it and use as a logo on our 3D printed valves?
with Peter we have been tinkering around and used “it will all be fine” in Bulgarian.
thinking that a person who puts on a masks is possibly quite scared.

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I love the logo and the name. Also searched on the web for other similar names. There’s a dance/music collective called so, but I guess that’s not a problem.

Yes! So glad you like it. I really like the calming message on the masks too. When I was younger, I made stickers saying “Everything’s gonna be OK” and stuck them in random places. I’ll finalize the the logo and share an SVG.

We’ll invite them to play at our party when this is behind us. :slight_smile:

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Congrats everyone - we are now Air Collective! :partying_face:

Check out the new site at and please let me know if I missed any names or logos. I want to make sure to credit everyone.