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Pumps as an alternative to blowers

A suggestion made to me that I’d like to share for discussion:

I think that all projects for now have a small gaps.
Patients whit respiratory problems from virus infection have problems whit secondary bacterial infection, this means that air from blower must be filtrated before patient (see picture). Also I think that in this case must be used pump, not blower, humans need of air is about 8 to 10 liters per minute, blowers have big flow whit little pressure (cubic meters per minute to 10 mBars pressure), in other case pumps have small flow whit more pressure (10-30 l/min to 3-10 Bar pressure). In some cases (very weak patient) it is necessary to give more pressure whit small flow rate. My proposal is to be use air pump (piston compressor) whit two or more stages whit filters (carbon, silver mesh and/or zeolite (in Bulgaria have natural zeolite)).