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Pneumatic systems' simulator

Hi *. I have a question/idea I wanted to discuss.

Is there any open source pneumatic/hydraulic system simulator our hardworking engineers can prototype their ideas with?

My idea is the following: model the ventilator (and also any other gas-transport system) as a network of components which are connected by tubes. The components can be: gas tanks, valves, heaters, compressors, pumps etc…

The ‘designer’ sets up the topology of his/her system, enters some control conditions (e.g. the pump duty cycle etc.) and runs the simulation to see how much pressure/volume flow is delivered at any point on the network at any point of time.

The questions I would like to ask:

i) is there a need for such a system?
ii) is there already a solution out there?
iii) is someone interested in collaborating with me to develop a prototype?

The variables of interest are pressure at a network node, relative to some common datum, and also sometimes the flow of fluid (I mean gas) in and out of a node.

The equations to solve are derived following the Mass conservation equation, i.e. in each node of the network it must hold that: sum of inlet flows - sum of outlet flows = demand at that node.

The resulting system of equations is a system of DAEs, which can be solved numerically using some off-the-shelf techniques.

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