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Oxygen tanks in hospitals

From @Georgi n the chat room:

Do all the medical O2 tanks have pressure regulators on them?

Related to this there are also 2 questions from @Vanbluca working on the MIT design:

  1. Would you guys say that it is a good idea to let the air flow through heated water? That way we could get the air to the right temperature, while it gets humidified. My only concern is that bacteria etc, can start growing in the water
  1. Is the oxygen level in the air sufficient for ventilation? Or do patients need higher O2 levels?

Most hospital tanks have both flow and pressure control but the pressure controls can’t bring the pressure down to a level 35 to 40 cmH2O that’s why pressure regulators for oxygen therapy is separate section of products.
In hospitals usually oxygen lines are there not the cylinders and most of the time pressure regulators on them do not work.


So I understand, are you saying the oxygen supplies in hospitals won’t work for oxygen therapy? Is that at-all or would some adapters be possible?

These work with a separate oxygen pressure regulator.


From Dr. Bankov (over email):

Medical bottles have reducers

Hospital O2 wall supply reduced pressure O2

If we are talking about NIV /CPAP, BiPAP etc/ you do not have to warm the air and humidifier can be simple barbotor for the O2

If we are talking about NIV /CPAP, BiPAP etc/ O2 /ratio control !/ is highly recommended for respiratory insufficiency