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OpenSourceVentilatorBG (Radomir Rashkov)

OpenSourceVentilatorBG is one of the active teams that started working a week ago. I am sharing the update from the last 2 days:

  • The team assembled an improved prototype. The concept is good, but it can be further simplified. The team seeks engineers who would give them ideas how to improve it.
  • A second arm was added to push the AMBU bag element, which improves the working principle (MIT also released a similar two-arm prototype). In the meantime, they have seen a prototype from a Spanish colleague who gives us ideas for further improvements to ours:…/3d-printed-respirator-230320205/
  • Тhe team strengthened the mechanics.
  • The controls have arrived. They are trying to design a PCB and develop some prototypes. Unlike most similar projects, they are also working on their own integrated circuit with simple PIC controllers (instead of the Arduino).
  • The team is also developing a flow meter that can be used instead of expensive ready-made solutions.
  • The biggest difficulty is the PEEP mode, where breathing pressure is controlled. This is very important for treatment. This will make the whole machine more complicated, as it may be necessary to add a small compressor or assume that a centralized hospital compressed air system could be used.

The most pressing need now is for the team to include a person who has been involved in the validation / certification of medical equipment.

In the meantime, the team has designed a plastic cover that is used during intubation to protect medical personnel from becoming infected.

The team has also stated its readiness to assist with additional items and / or make changes to this model.

For more information you can visit the FB page or contact Radomir Rashkov in person at +359 893 389200.