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Medtronic PB560 Ventilator - source, schematics, CAD files released

Can someone with appropriate manufacturing experience say what’s needed to put this into production? I would like to discuss a rough estimated time range to produced units, to have an educated guess at the comparison of this option against others.

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@salim I spoke to Stoyan Tanev from the Space team at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He is the one with the company, which does R&D of medical devices. He commented the model, after having a careful look. He said that even if you have these files, it would be relatively diffuclt to establish whole production.

You can see his brief feedback:

  • Starting the production of such a ventilator will be of high risk due to the specific components in it. He said that in order for the ventilator to work, there should be compatibility between the components. And in case that there is no supply of a specific part (e.g. the display or the microcontroller), this may jeopardize the whole machine.
  • There are many specific plastic details and numerous molds will have to be printed/produced.
  • For sustainable production of this ventilator, we should be looking for a manufacturer with 30-40 people staff.
  • He said it would be of less risk for a time like his to start the project from scratch, because they know the supply of components they can rely on. In a project like this it is very important to be independent on the production side, otherwise there are more points of failure.

As I don’t want to you to think that once again this is the “Bulgarian mentality”, you can also talk to him about it. +359 884-054-087 – Stoyan Tanev = )

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No, I understand. I remember from a colleague at Foxxcon that it’s quite normal for production designs to be built around supply chains of given factories.

I was hoping some components or code might still be usable or save some learning time.

Or maybe we can get our hands on that display controller, or ask Medtronic for assistance.

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