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Low resource mechical ventilator (Wiper motor and Wiper switch)

Low tech version built with

  • piece of plywood
  • 1" dowel rod
  • wiper motor
  • wiper switch w/ intermittent delay
  • Laptop power supply 12v 5a
  • 3dprinted part (adapter for the motor to add adjustability)

From what I’ve been reading the ambu bag ventilators won’t help for ARDS. I am at the point with this version where I need to decide to keep going or to pivot and help with the other version.

Is the limited control with a two-speed motor and 8 - 10 intermittent settings is enough to be useful?

If so what situation is it useful for?

Could this be used to supply air to a machine that could monitor what is needed to be effective?

More info on the project

There are two versions of this being built simultaneously
This version is meant to be as low tech as possible.
The other version is meant to have much more control and be more efficient in every way.

links to github

Version 1 contact
Jeremy Stenseth

Version 2 contact

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Great work! And welcome!

The wiper switch conversion might be quite useful in some parts of the world.

I’ll quickly repost your medical-related questions in another post to make them easier for medical staff to find.

I just did the mechanical ventiator course. It’s free, and one hour – and has some information on controlling rates that might help.

From Dr. Bankov: (cross-posted from Do ambubags help for ARDS patients?

Thank you for this! I learned so much more from watching this one course than I did for the past week searching on the internet. With that being said…
I think that a design like this with so little control will still need constent monitoring and in the end will only replace the tired hand that is actually squeezing the ambu bag (bvm).
While not useless I don’t believe it would be benificial to the current situation.
I will pass along the MedCram videos and thanks again.

Just checking in. Did you decide on ahything? Can we help in any way?