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Local relationships with hospitals

@Nato what’s the easiest way to get a list of the “Neven’s” in different cities from BESCO? Is there a quick member list you can review? I could do a few individual asks with Bozhana in cc so she can coordinate them from there.

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we are working with the hospital in Dupnitsa right now. this morning we delivered a fully equipped mask . the hospital inKyustendil is next. I am waiting on info in respect to their PEEP valve.

IMPORTANT: PEEP valves have diffrent diameters, depending on the size of hoses they use in hospitals. . make sure you have the info before-hand.

Also try not to get the hospital admin for first contact. BEST to talk to head-nurse . she is in operational mode and knows exactly what happens on the floor.

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@salim I can provide such a list for the following cities: Plovdiv, Varna, Russe, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Pleven, Stara Zagora, Haskovo / Harmanli, Shumen. In addition, I can do intros to the relevant municipalities in Burgas, Kyustendil, Russe, Vratsa, Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo. We may use the latter to get official contact to hospitals.
@Bo_RSNTR Just let me know which intros to make. I can give you directly the contacts of some of the community leaders, but for some of them + the municipalities, I’ll have to first contact them.

As for Lazar, I’ll ping him once again as I still have no reply from him. But yes, it makes much sense to make a direct contact.

Let’s do this. I am also asking for the IT Tour organisers list too I think we’ll ask them who wants to take local responsibility for reaching out to hospitals, getting their feedback and coordinating their needs with the production. I am supporting @Bo_RSNTR on this effort so will take it as far as I can before handing it back to her.

As @Enrico suggested, I think we’ll ask them to talk to the head nurse first.

@enrico just to confirm: from your experience it makes sense to NOT talk to adminsitration first, but to the head nurse only at first, right?


correct talk to people that are not administrators but actually do the work in the hospital, like head nurse

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@Bo_RSNTR I am sending out a few contacts of people across Bulgaria.
Varna – Nikolay Nikolov – 0887-391-954. He’s part of Innovator. They also have 3D printers, so you’ll be able to talk about this as well.
Russe – Bilyana Kirova - 0896-823-683. Bilyana works at the municipality - she is well connected and said that will be very to help as she currently has some free time.
Pleven – Georgi Prusiyski – 0878-735-795. Pleven is a very important medical centre because of the Medical university and the number of hospitals there.
Harmanli / Haskovo – Emanuil Manolov – 0896-888-283. He’s a local teacher - a great networker and a person always ready to help. (He gave me the number of coordinator of the Hospital in Harmanli - +359887806350 Nina)
Gabrovo - Martin Pavlov - 0898 222 349
Shumen - Ivan Lambov - 0879-914-999
Vratsa - Radostina Savovska - 0884 768 690. They are currently summarizing all the covid-related needs of the hospital. She confirmed that protecting gear for the medical staff is the most urgent need right now. She also said that she is available 24/7.
Veliko Tarnovo - Vladislav Ivanov - 0888-558-126

You can get in direct touch with all of them. They are willing to also help to other people. I am reaching out to find the most relevant people in the other cities as well. I’ll update this post, once I have confirmations.

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