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Is this the most reliable 3D-printable model you've seen?

@vanbluca @VanyoVezirov and other 3D printing people, what do you think of this? It’s a cylindrical pneumatic pump that can be 3D printed. Seems more reliable from the arm-based mechanisms, which I’ve heard are prone to breaking. Would love your thoughts, since this seems like a good candidate to prioritise.

@vanbluca suggests:

In my opinion we should focus on a design that is possible to make with lasercutter. Parts that takes hours to print will only take minutes to lasercut. For prototyping purposes we can use 3D printing though if you won’t have access to lasercutters.

Also lasercut parts are generally much stronger than 3D prints from hobbyist printers

Focusing on lasercutting shouldn’t be too hard. If someone makes a very solid 3D printable design we can easily turn it into a lasercut design

I had a short look at the specific design you mentioned. It does seem to me like the 3D prints are quit big which is maybe tricky for hobbyists to print, but shouldn’t be too big of a problem. It does seem to have some pressure regulation in it but this is only mechanical I think and doesn’t work with sensors (which I would like to see).