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HELP needed - design work for Air Collective masks

Hey there, can someone volunteer for these tasks, related to design work, please?

  1. Air Collective pre-print file for stickers (4 cm x 1 cm) - include horizontal version of logo (

1.1. file with same font with the copy “Everything will be fine!” --> dimensions: 8 x 1 cm

  1. A simple sketch of step 1-2-3 of instructions (in Bulgarian), so that we implement it in the printed out instructions to hospitals. Here is the “brief” :slight_smile:

Anyone who can take any of these tasks, please, comment. It is a bit urgent :slight_smile:

Ок, I found help. By the end of the day, we will have files for print for 2 types of stickers. @salim @BoyanaM, you guys, said that you have a plan where to print them out, didn’t you?

Same time, we will have instructions for the assembly part @ hospitals, since doctors need to unpack the sterile filter themselves. @Momchil_MedLease

here are the stickers ready to be printed out!

please, ping me when these go to a printing house and let me know how we organise it.

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Hi @Bo_RSNTR this is the guys I’ve used before - they work fast and with good quality.

I’ve sent them a inquiry and Cc-ed you too.

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