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Guidance requested from an engineer in Colbmbia: sensors and controllers

From David Bustamante, an engineer in Colombia, needs help choosing a model to develop with adequate sensors and controllers:

I am located in the city of Tulua- Colombia, we are available for the development of the electromechanical respiration system, what we need is to know what type of prototype I can carry out in my country,

This, therefore, I need to know what measuring instruments serve me and what elements I can use in extreme cases for the development of the respirator. I have knowledge in ing. Mechatronics but I really do not have knowledge in this type of medical elements and the control systems, specifically in the sensors that intervene, I would not want to do something that instead of helping the patients of my country what I do is affect them. I appreciate your collaboration and all the support you can give us. Thank you.

Hi, I have some info for David.

a bulgarian engineer (Marin Marinov) was toying with the idea to use a sensor like this link to amazon and as soon as it detects a problem, stop the submission through some magnet vinyl or selenoid.

Some guys form Malaysia have tested a bunch of sensors and found a couple that are medical grade and easily findable:

  • flow sensor SFM3200-AW (there’s also a single use option)
  • pressure sensor - MPRLS00100MG (but it’s not easy to find) so he’s dug a bit more and ordered this one: NSCSANN060MGUNV (it’s used in a lot of ventilators)
    He’s ordered these sendors from Mauser, but thinks they should be available in otehr places too.

I hope this helps.