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Funding Opportunities & Needs

This topic is for different funding opportunities that come up.

All of the teams that have specific funding needs, you can either share them or post them as part of your project updates in the Projects Category.

The US Embassy in Bulgaria and America for Bulgaria Foundation are providing 1,000-5,000 BGN for projects related to COVID-19. Every project based in Bulgaria can apply - it seems the application process should not take more than 10-15 minutes.

Application Form

Deadline 31st March!!

To design a low-cost, simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-build ventilator that can serve the COVID patients, in an emergency timeframe.

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3D Hubs launches manufacturing fund for COVID-19 efforts

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Also 4dys left!! there is 200k for top3 designs We need YOU to design a simple, maintainable, easy-to-manufacture ventilator to provide life support to COVID patients anywhere in the world.

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An update from today. I spoke to Lazar Radkov - a prominent fundraiser in Bulgaria. He raised some funding for new ventilators to be bought in Bulgarian hospitals. We found out there are a few lines of collaboration.

  • Funding. We are discussing if he could probably share some of the donated money he has raised with our engineering teams.
  • Respirators mapping. There is a Bulgarian team, which mapped the number of respirators in the major hospitals in the country. We will share this info as soon as we have it.
  • Respirators producers. He may also connect us to respirator producers and maintenance teams that our engineers can consult with.

I’ll keep you posted.

(although no monetary prizes, recognition by partners of this hackathon (= WeChat and Global Peers) might be good way to find funding afterwards)

#BuildforCOVID19 Global Online Hackathon

Developers are asked to submit their projects on Devpost before March 30. The major themes inviting submissions include healthcare, vulnerable populations’ daily needs, business challenges, community and social relations, education, and entertainment. For more details, visit

/c @salim there is a community track…

I can help out to facilitate cashing out crypto to BGN if the group decides to open up for crypto donations. I guess you can turn to as they gave experience in this sort of donations.
I am operating network of crypto ATM machines across Bulgaria and have experience in this crypto field.
I can cover the related transactions costs too which are in the range of 0.25-0.5% of the amount.

Is there any update on that? Can we still take advantage?

As the project for the mask for protective purposes is progressing I have taken the initiative to look for opportunities for funding.

So far I have done the following:

  1. Contacted Binance Charity Fund with exact needs on 03.04.2020

  2. Created a funding campaign on Gitcoin to take advantage of the matching grant which can make 1000 USD donation into 10000 USD where anyone can donate ETH, DAI or any other ERC20 token.
    The campaign will run out in 3days.

  3. Generated bitcoin wallet opened for donations so that anyone from the world can participate and donate

Donations in BTC are publicly visible

Any funds that come to my possession in the process of fundraising will be funneled to the Foundation.

I have also posted the Gitcoin campaign in a fb group of crypto enthusiasts in Bulgaria with more than 4k memebrs. You can follow the conversation here:

@Bo_RSNTR, I suppose you can share the bank account of the Foundation and also wire instructions for the funding needed?

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@Bo_RSNTR I just spoke to America for Bulgaria Foundation about providing funding for the first batch of masks for Alexandrovska Hospital. They are open about it. If we are quick enough and provide budget and official letter from the hospital by 5 PM today, we may have an answer to our request but the end of the day. The more information we provide, the better.

AMable: Fighting shortages in products and problems in medical care

  • Keyword: manufacuring
  • Focus: provide solutions, involving additive manufacturing, to a set of challenges including a lack of equipment, helpful tools, replacement parts or parts that enable additional functionality

date of announcement: 1st of April
deadline: 1 of October
funding: €350.000,-, 10.000 per challenge

plus documentation

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EOSC funding to respond to COVID-19 pandemic

Eligible: Activities and actions that deploy open science methods and resources and make use of the EOSC communities in order to address COVID-19 related issues.

Applications will be evaluated on a weekly basis
Funding: a maximum per project of 45.000 EUR