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First prototypes by Omar from LIF and team

Everyone here is the first prototype by Omar from the LIF programme, who’s based in San Andres in Colombia.

He’s an expert professional diver working on engineering assignments who developed an autonomous submersible that assists divers in difficult work situations, like repairing ruptured pipes, etc.

I think his team is well equipped as they’ve been working with breathing apparatus all their lives and have the more recent successful robotics experience.
They picked up the MIT design, but couldn’t find the right motor so adapted and relocated to nearby Island in the Caribbean to work from there and have been mobilising peers.

One of the resources they have in excess in the Caribbean is oxygen tanks, because of all the diving activities. Omar and team have so far have about 1,000 at their disposal and are looking for how to utilise them.

There’s a lot of positive vibes coming from the guys :slight_smile: but they’ve are busy 3d modelling and printing so I’ll help with reporting here until they get a chance to share the designs and lessons learned.
They’ll do first testing tomorrow.


Omar, just corrected me that he’s now joined another team in Universidad Simon Bolivar in Barranquilla and they’re are a team of 12 working on this.

Their call to action is if anyone has contacts in the Caribbean or other places with a lot of diving equipment to open up this information to them. He’ll share how they’re using the Italian 3d printed valve in this setup later.

What comes to mind are the local hacking communities in the area, I can create access to GODAN partners: - let me know if you want me to follow up.

I have also reposted the call to action in large US based slack group, which is working on DIY ventilator testing.

  • What challenge does he have with the motors?
  • Also, it looks like they’ve made some steps with printable parts, maybe the controller? Is there any work in progress he can share to save other teams from duplicating his progress so far? (This form accepts file uploads of all types)
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I’ve been speaking with Omar and have been asking him to share any such information.
They’re indeed designing and 3d printing parts and have promised to share all the design files as well as their experience as soon as they wrap up the current sprint of work and test (suggested tomorrow).

A constraint that they reported is that internet access in that part of the world is really problematic. I can testify to that from my experience visiting San Andres where messengers work, but you can access websites only from certain parts of the island. I offered Omar to help by uploading files here after he sends them over via Telegram. He’s seen this thread and told me he has already registered and promised to try to write directly too.

Here are a couple of visuals from their work:

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Scuba respirator copy.pdf (328.8 KB) Hi, I am sharing the way we hack the scuba regulator, the second stage. I prepare some image as a example, any recommendation to make it clare and every one understand the way to do it will be great. Thank you Lino for posting for my, hope to have enough internet to post the test we are doing at the hospital tomorrow, if every goes good we will have 80 units! cross fingers.


I forgot to mentions that, we use the charlotte valve develop in italy, and attached to a scuba commercial equipment. 3d will be post as soon as posible

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The sistem will only work whit nitrox diving sistems, Do not use it whit 100 % oxígen… the manufacture of the scuba equipament not recommend that type of use …:pensive:

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Some further updates from @Omarabril-howard1,

He’s back in San Andres and they made this setup and are making 80 masks for the hospital there to be used with their oxygen bottles.

They’re using the Charlotte valve

Here is the filter they used as per the recommendation of the medical staff in the hospital.

@Omarabril-howard1, more details here are welcome. If you try using them or run into any problems that might be of interest to other, please remember to post!