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Dr Bankov's design requirements on hardware

My idea is for pressure controlled ventilator but the adjusting of the volume of ventilated air can be done by supplying cyclically air from fixed volume chamber by a piston with variuous move. The change in the delivered volume can be controlled by the stroke of the piston in each phase, and the pressure control can be controlled by the speed of the piston so different pressure values can be achieved in different phases /like BiPAP/. The measuring of the volume in each cycle can be done by compairing start and end positio of the piston.
In this way the need of measuring the volume by flow is avoided.
If you have other suggestions we will discuss them.

  1. volume control from 240 ml to 730 ml
    type of control - automatic
    control response rate / 50-100 milliseconds /
    resolution - 10-50 ml

  2. control of air pressure in the range from 5 to 40 cm H2O
    type of control - automatic
    control response rate - 50-100 milliseconds, for example
    resolution - 1 cm H2O?
    possibility to control the time to reach IPAP / rise time from 100 to 600 ms /

  3. for pressures above 30 cm H2O separate mode with additional confirmation / only manual mode with self-reduction to the preliminary value after a certain period - sec up to 1-2 min. /

  4. duplicated by type and number of pressure control mechanisms

  5. volume tracking is not necessary if the volume supplied is pre-calibrated and there are no losses on the road and in the mask !!!

  6. graphical representation of the variations of the respiratory pressure during phases from -5 to +40 cm H2O

  7. If possible, a graphical representation of oxygen saturation - I saw that external devices with bluetooth and cable are being sold

  8. heat the air mixture / possibly with a recuperator! /

  9. humidification of the air mixture

  10. oxygen-reduced feed with feed rate control over air volume ratio - FiO2
    control - manual
    response rate of control- / minutes /

  11. type and quality of materials - for medical purposes / we can comment on each thing individually

well, that’s my recommendation for hardware

about software is a separate discussion