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Do ambubags help for ARDS patients?

Continuing the discussion from Low resource mechical ventilator (Wiper motor and Wiper switch):

They’ve created a device that can be built by repurposing car wipers to pump an ambu bag. (This type of resourcefulness may be necessary in some parts of the world.) He has further questions:

From Dr. Bankov:

Reasons why Ambu (and similar) are not the proper tool for ARDS

  1. They are manually driven and apparently cannot be operated for hours and days

  2. They cannot monitor and control the pressure of the supplied air in the different breathing phases

  3. Although their volume (the outer volume of the bag) is fixed still the volume received in the lungs cannot be monitored and controlled

  4. CPAP or BiPAP is or aim

  5. For this design I can not judge from technical point of view but if it can control Vt and pressure it can be used