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Daily update - March 22nd

You should be aware when to focus on oxygen therapy or respirators

We can confirm informally (but from decision-making sources) that there are less than 200 specialists in Bulgaria that are capable of running ventilator machines and the respective treatment of patients in a proper way. This means that even if we are able to produce (or the government buys) enough ventilators, this won’t help. That said, much of our progress so far can be repurposed for this direction - so please consider this news to be progress. It’s part of the process when we’re moving as fast as possible.

This may affect your project outside of Bulgaria too, depending on the staffing levels where you are, and other policy factors. Join the discussion here.

We are working to include oxygen therapy mask projects in the library now, and have found one already tested in Italian hospitals.

This means 3D printer people, we need you to start ASAP. You are crtical now.

Removing the chatroom noise and getting you answers more effectively

We’re switching from chat to the forum so that questions and answers are easier to find. We’ve also built more structured repositories of designs and requirements.

You can help by answering:

We’ve also assembled:

If you can volunteer to help with organizing, facilitating communication or web tech**

Please take a look at open tasks on our Trello. It’s a public board, jump right in and assign yourself to anything in the left column, and get started.

Electronics manufacturing know-how and production capacity available

We’ve had the Bulgarian electronics industry show up in a big way with support. Bulgaria has a long-standing electronics manufacturing industry, including medical devices, so even if you’re outside of Bulgaria, consider them as very sophisticated option to help you.

Thanks to Boyko Vuchev from Pravetz Computers who shared valuable contacts with some of the leading (micro)electronics producers in Bulgaria. Sergej Shardin CEO of ATM electronics, Nikolay Iliev (one of the founders of Datecs) said he could also help. (email him at or Viber +359 888-217-272) with the components that you need.

Another good day. Thank you all! :heart:

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