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Daily update - March 20th

What can you do to help now?

Team leaders: If you’re leading a prototyping team

  1. We need a quick check in from you today. We are meeting with a major hospital in Bulgaria tonight, who want to share their specifications with us. To save time, we need to know what specifications and requirements you’ve been working from so far, and what questions you still have that we can put to them. This meeting is at 9pm Bulgaria time (in ~7 hours) Please just hit reply to this message to give us a quick answer.

  2. We also had a great suggestion to circulate our circuit diagrams daily, to save everyone from reinventing the wheel. Please post on the forum in this special category for schematics and updates, or if you’re busy hit reply to email me, and I’ll post them.

Doctors and medical: For those of you in the medical profession who are not being fully utelised, please regularly check the “questions for medical staff” section of the forum. We will direct all unanswered questions there. If you need assistance with the forum, please hit reply.

Engineers and hardware hackers: We are supporting 5 prototyping teams that have self-mobilised, but we need more of you to start! We currently have had clinicians thumbs up these designs, so we need you to try them today, and share any learning or questions on the forum.

Statisticians and government: A better timeline will inform us what types of devices to build and what production constraints we will face. We are looking for ways to establish an updated timeline to predict when countries will go into respirator shortages in different countries where we are supporting teams, currently: UK, Netherlands, Japan and Bulgaria.

(For the moment, we are using the Unieverity Of Basel Netherlab model: but this requires more accurate, trusted national parameters to be accurate. The Bulgarian Academy Of Sciences is working on their own model, and we are working through official channels to learn their estimated timeline. )

Facilitators and connectors: We need your help to work as “librarians” to organise actionable information about designs, basically to understand needs and questions of our engineering teams, to post them on the forum on their behalf, and to help seek out relevant answers. Your help helps us get the relevant, actionable knowledge to teams from wherever it is in the world, either our supporters or other chat groups and repositories. Let’s focus on the forum as a central repo of questions, answers, lessons learned, useful requirements specifications, and schematics in progress. If you can help with this, please say hello in #coordinators on chat and we’ll get you going.


  • We have mobilized a good number of doctors and clinicians to provide their knowledge and help, running slightly ahead of the increased demand from active engineering groups. But we are getting word of several new, larger projects spinning up as engineering companies start to build ventilators.

  • We are raising a small fund in Bulgaria to pre-order components with long delivery times, to anticipate and mitigate supply chain delays when it comes time to start producing devices. We need to know what difficult-to-get parts you are reasonably confident you’ll need, so we can get the order in ASAP

  • Anne is running a COVID hackathon in the Netherlands, and we’ve offered support their ventilator teams requests, which I’ve asked them to post to our forum. The more we work together openly, the faster we all progress.

Appreciation ! It’s wonderful to see Rado Rashkov, Dr. Bankov, Svetlozar, @pka and @vanbluca (18 year-old 3D printing whizkid from NL) all just jumping in to help each other and others in the chatroom. Respect and appreciation!

We really admire all of you. Thank you.