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Daily update - March 19th

For all links, see or jump into the chatgroup to ask for guidance. We aim to upgrade the site to make links far more findable today.

**** Anyone who is almost ready to have your prototype tested in a hospital, contact Nato right away+359 885291378**

How can you help?

1. Engineers and hardware hackers, please start building your own prototype of one of these models:

As of today,these are the most reliable options we know of to get to useful devices built as fast as possible.

** WE NEED MORE ENGINEERS TO START BUILDING RESPIRATOR PROTOTYPES PROACTIVELY ** It’s better to duplicate work. Just work fast and share your progress, and you’ll solve problems and find improvements others haven’t focused on. We will update daily to share where the leaders are so we can all jump ahead.

Please tell us what you need to get going - we’re here to serve you.

2. Other volunteers

  • If you know of anyone building ventilators, please let us know so we can support them. We have access to medical people, hospitals for device testing and are able to help teams order parts now so they’re not stuck later.

  • Organise the “master” list of ventilators. There are a bunch of other projects that have made some lists, and we’d like to quickly assemble them all in one place, and so we can make it clear to everyone which have been given the thumbs up by clinicians. That will help engineers know what’s best for them to work on.

  • If you see something that you think will help, please go for it with my blessing. This works best when everyone is proactive. Just let us know what you’re up to in chat. Your help will also be welcome for anything listed below.


  • We have contact to 2 hospitals (Pirogov & Losenets in Sofia, Bulgaria) where testing of ready prototypes could be done. If you are almost ready for this, contact Nato +359 885291378

  • We had first conversations about funding. We have 4 people/organizations who offered financial support.

  • We got in touch with anaesthesiologists and doctors. All teams and engineers can reach out to these doctors (anaesthesiologists - intensivists) for feedback

  • We have contact with with Marco Mascorro, who built the Mascorro model, which we have been discussing.

  • We have connected some engineers with doctors to answer their questions, and will assembling this knowledge into a Q&A document for all today.

  • We have a funder who’s offered to push us some money to anticipate and pre-order parts for Bulgarian groups, as some can take 2 weeks or longer to arrive. We need people working on prototypes to jump on chat into the #supplies channel and help us build a rough list. (It can changed later, but just a draft version now will be helpful to move this forward as quickly as possible and avoid delays.)

How we’re working

Generally, we are seeing changing needs everyday (which is a good sign of progress) so we’re shifting our focus to curating more open lists of different types of support. This will allow our volunteers to focus on hustling up answers and support upon request for any respirator hacker team, and while they do that, the byproduct of working with open lists is that everyone else has access to our contacts directly, or can add to those lists to help us connect the ventilator builders to what they need.

For example, we’re compiling open lists of:

  • suppliers offering components
  • 3D printing facilities
  • offers of funding
  • etc…

Will hopefully update you all later today on this.

You can read more about this open approach at

Useful tip

  • We found out that there are 2 types of ‘medical’ devices. The first ones are for domestic use - officially they are not regarded as medical devices, meaning they don’t have to go through heavy certification processes. The second ones are the real medical devices that are used in hospitals. It appears with our DYI initiative, we’ll have to focus on the first type of equipment.

Other positive news

  • Petko from ZaraLab started an initiative to map where all existing ventilators are in Bulgaria

  • There is another project started to fix up a batch of old ventilators. They are old, but they pass certification


So many people have been in touch to offer support. Big thanks to all of them. Every offer helps, everyone who just gets involved helps us be more effective, and everyone who “asks for forgiveness, not permission” in their organizations are treating this with the necessary urgency. It’s great to see you all pushing things through.

Also, just a personal note from Sal: “Every day is full of ups and downs, but it was amazing to see Nato on a roll yesterday, able to gather so much support on so many fronts.”

Stay strong, stay isolated.

  • Sal, Nato, Boyana