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April 7th update

After 3 weeks of intensive effort, spread across a range of projects, we’ve now seen a few make consistent progress, so we’re pleased to say we’re able to focus our efforts there.

Decathlon mask teams supported by DIY

We’re really happy to see the progress on this one. A number of teams have collaborated, getting some great results to cheer for!

Team Progress
Aleksandar Zahariev Focused on printing valves/dongles for decathlon mask for protective purposes. This is the first concern of hospitals, to make sure their staff are safe and can work.
Enrico Repouz & Peter Petrov (techteam BG) Printing a FULL set of the decathlon model with the PEEP valves for patient use, hospital test of full set mask incl. all valves( PEEP) and hoses
Momchil Petrov (Medlease) & Mihail Angelov great progress into testing in hospitals the PEEP model, including getting an official request letter from Alexandrovska Hospital

Together, they have several teams in several cities working with hospitals, and an official written request from Aleksandrovska Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in Bulgaria, for a large trial. Plus, other teams are already getting direct feedback of their designs from operational staff, and making improvements that will be useful across the world.

A few other teams have also been hard at work on face shields, like @VanyoVezirov’s, which do more than protect heathcare worksers. They help them see that our maker community initiatives are viable and genuine.

We’re optimistic this is tipping the first domino in a chain that will open up more collaboration between makers and hospitals, allowing us to accelerate our preparation for the peak demand.

Ventilator designs - the focus needs to move to testing and manufacturability

Meanwhile, we’re seeing a few teams around the world start to ship full ventilator and ambubag ventilator designs, including software and BOMs, so the next step is in-hospital testing of those designs. We’re also actively soliciting feedback from manufacturers about next steps. There are 3 designs which are currently ahead of others, since they have fully-functional devices with schematics, code and BOMs published: Medtronic PB560 Ventilator, Ventilaid, and Oxygen. They need testing, and each country will need to initiate construction and approval efforts to ensure they are locally viable options.

We’re advising engineers now to either open source their current progress, or switch attention to one of the more progressed designs.


We have been building relationships with funders, and are mobilizing a joint fundraising effort with the view that combining our networks and resources on a single campaign will have better results with less time cost and admin. We would like to get a clear number of what money you’ve spent, and what you need as some funders have already asked us about this and it’s the next step to unlocking their funding. (We are also happy to support you in fundraising directly if that’s your preference.)

Support and guidance

As always, we are available to offer personal support over email, or just a quick reply here, if we can answer any questions or connect you to the right people.

We have some quick guides to save you time too: