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Anesthesiologist input: needed functions & feedback on MIT & NXP designs [answered]

From a Whatapp conversation with Dimitar Yotov - Anesthesiologist

Q: Could you help us with a practical explanation what the respirator does

what functions it needs to perform etc. ?

A: Making a respirator is quite complicated. I am not too familiar with the making process, but I can tell you the basic function. Here are diagrams
Now I hope this help. This is a simple anaesthetic machine. An ITU machine is much more complicated - It needs to deliver different modes of ventilation

I believe one the most useful mode of ventilation for Covid19 will be APRV - Airway pressure release Ventilation. I am sending you a video about how it works.

APRV Settings and Clinical Application, Penny Andrews:

Q: Could you give s feedback on 2 of the designs we’ve found so far: MIT 100$ Ventilaror and NXPventilators.

A: It looks practical and I think it might work in places where they run out of conventional ventilators, like bg for example. But I don’t think place like the uk will buy this for their hospitals… The MIT model looks like a simple model that will do the job for most uncomplicated cases…

Q: Does it mean the complicated cases if they emerge on the MIT version can be moved onto the certified official respirators or does it mean we need to rater build the NXP versions?

A: if the the patient is connected to the MIT model and gets complicated… there is few options that can be done

  1. prone the patient and cont vent with the MIT version
  2. or optimise MIT version parameters like PEEP
  3. shitch to another ventilator that has APRV
    Till now our Covid19 unit we managing all patients with the firstb 2 options
    Also did you think if the Ventilator (MIT) can be cleaned and reused for another patient.