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About the Questions for medical staff category

Use this category to look through (and post) some of the questions that teams are asking to medical engineers/professionals.

If you:

  • have a question, then add it to a topic that you think is appropriate (use the " in the editing bar to highlight them)
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If you see that your question doesn’t fit any topic available, then use “+ New Topic”

Word of advice: please be brief, but also be specific, and give context to your question. There is an over-supply of people that want to help. But no guidance on how to do it. A clearly described question gives that guidance. The clearer the question, the more likely you’ll get support.

Take your time to think about how to phrase things.

  • if you have an answer, please highlight the specific question text first. A ‘Quote’ button will appear. (like the picture below) Please click it, and the whole question will be copied as the lead-in to your reply

Don’t worry about doing it write or wrong. Moderators will scan the forum to help out, and correct stuff where necessary.

Get asking, and answering!