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A quick update about my availabilty

Hi everyone,
In case you haven’t heard yet, I’ve been working less than 100% these days because I’ve had some vision problems, requiring doctors visits. It’s likely this is something that will pass, but I need to get it checked out properly. The check-ups blur my vision so I can’t use my computer for a half-day.

I feel my intermittent availability is causing delays, especially when things are waiting on me. For example, right now, I need to coordinate the creation of the Help Karma account, the draft content translated and sent to HelpKarma’s team, etc. but actually much of this can go ahead without me in the middle, so the delays are unnecessary.

Can I ask that instead of delegating back to me, which is normally a good idea, can you please try to find ways to move forward without depending on me? Just keep me in the loop and I will still work when I can and push things forward.

Get well soon. We’ll try to reduce dependencies relying on your input.

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I’m back now and shouldn’t need any more clinic visits. In the end, there’s some permanent damage but I will get used to it. And I’ll start wearing glasses so at least I will look smarter. :nerd_face:

I see from email that lots has moved forward today, so thanks! I’ve caught up quickly with Bozhana and Nato today, and will be able to step up tomorrow to take on some of the crowdfuding work. @Bo_RSNTR let’s speak tomorrow when you’re free and you can loop me in on that.